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The screen can include a visual indication that once the procedure has been completed for one joint (e.g.
As described above, the sensor(s) 1104 can comprise one or more accelerometers.
The pin opening 100 a can receive the same pin-like structure received by the hinge openings 98 described above.49 a, 49 b, 50 a, and 50 b, once a portion of the knee distraction device 612 is inserted into the knee joint, the distraction elements 626 can be moved up or down by turning the adjustment devices 620.The connector 230 can comprise a structure which operatively connects the posterior/anterior adjustment block hornymatches konto 216 to the surgical orientation device.61I shows a display screen shot which can provide a visual cue informing the user that a universal jig (e.g.The pin 96 can be partially or entirely threaded, and can include a knobbed portion 96 a on one end which can be gripped and turned by a user.In some embodiments, a pressure or force gauge or gauges can be incorporated with the knee distraction device 612 to determine the amount of compressive force which was applied by, or is being applied by, the distraction elements 626 against the condyles of the femur.Other locations for a laser system or systems can also be used.In another embodiment, the graphical display of a bubble can be combined with a secondary indication to cue the user as to the state of alignment.
For example, the desired plane can be located midway between the lateral malleolus and medial malleolus, or 55 toward the medial malleolus from the lateral malleolus, or at some other predetermined location.
For example, the surgical orientation device 12 can be coupled to the first portion 416 of the landmark acquisition assembly 412 with the coupling device.The distraction elements 626 can further include posts 632 which can be movable relative to the tibial baseplate 624, and can extend into a portion or portions of the outer body portion 618.The measuring device 109 c can also measure a distance, and can include a marking or markings to provide a visual indication of distance.27, 2009, each of which is incorporated in its entirety by reference herein.While the swing arm 234 is described as forming part of the posterior/anterior adjustment block 216, the swing arm 234 can alternatively be formed as part of the base member 214 and/or varus/valgus adjustment block 218 described below.Maintaining the tibial position at this stage of the procedure can be one way of minimizing error in the use of data acquired by the surgical orientation device.The cutting block 84, as well as other cutting blocks described herein, can in some embodiments be removably attachable to one or more components of an orthopedic fixture, and can be attached or removed at various stages of an orthopedic procedure.The surgical orientation device 12 can further be useful in setting and/or confirming a resection depth of the tibia once the varus/valgus and posterior/anterior angles have been determined.7 shows an embodiment of a surgical orientation device.